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    About service
    "Customer service is no small matter" is the core content of our customer service. Companies adhering to the "professional focus, the full input" of the service concept, the pursuit of the most speed, perfect after-sales service. Reflected "warm, warm, warm," principle of service, to enhance customer satisfaction oriented, from "people first" service idea change, depth of research and development, service depth, from the scope of services, the service window may even come into contact with a plane, line and point of positive thinking study, refine and develop the specific content of services and standard and its implementation to each service minutiae. We will implement the team cooperation, the very speed as you develop service solutions, from the pre-sale, sale, after sale to provide you with efficient service mechanism, to eliminate your worries about the use of.

    Pre sales service
    Before sale, we will according to your actual application environment and site, fully take into account your a series of requirements for system design. We will send a professional senior designers will draw your system design plan, system connection diagram, equipment configuration, such as a series of system engineering documents. With a more intuitive, more professional design and rationalization proposals to provide you with the project guidelines and engineering budget, etc.. In order to make the way for you to create the perfect sound effect.

    Sale service
    In the sale, we will send excellent professional installation team, in the shortest time to strictly according to the design drawings for construction. Whether it is to install, debug, every detail, we strive to do one step. At the same time, our system designers will monitor the entire process, and solve the various problems in the field. At the same time to answer any doubts and confusion of customers. In order to ensure the standardization of construction and the security and stability of the system.

    After-sale service
    We promise you:
    Warranty period: all amplifier and peripheral electronic product warranty for one year, the quality problems of imported units provide free replacement, domestic unit warranty for one year. The DMX series of products to provide corresponding parts and the system of life-long maintenance.
    Analysis of improvement: all repaired products we performed depot quality abnormity analysis. In the case of customers caused by improper use of, all repair parts will be at cost instalments. In the case of the reason, we will improve rapidly, and the speed feedback and maintenance!
    Failure response time: customer feedback on the product, the system, we give you a satisfactory response within twenty-four hours, or field site.
    At the same time, your valuable comments will be properly handled and answered. And will provide you with long-term service, regular tracking, to understand your new needs, in order to try to meet the timely solution to your problem, take the initiative to communicate, in order to continuously improve their own way to improve product and sales services

    Non warranty coverage:
    Appearance and components of man-made damage, such as improper use of the burned.
    To change the system configuration or modify the products and equipment used improperly.
    Cause damage due to force majeure.

    Service target:
    With professional products to allow customers 100% satisfied with the sincere service to 100% customers satisfaction.

    Service flow:
    1, product performance, construction method introduced
    2, field survey, tailor-made technical program
    3, professional design engineers to guide the construction team before operation
    4, the use of "technical guidance management model" to conduct on-site technical guidance
    5, to ensure that the commitment to use
    24, 6 hours at any time to answer your questions
    7, after sales for life maintenance

    Service system:
    1, the company set up a special after-sales service agencies and jobs, the branch / total agency as the head office in the local after-sales service center to perform the duties of consumers to provide after-sales service.
    2, the company and branch / total agency service agencies responsible for the collection of consumer feedback information, complaints received, product maintenance and other work.
    3, the company will regularly or irregularly organized by various types of product after-sales service training.

    Service telephone: 020-36345513, 36345376
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