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    Key points in the design of architectural acoustics and dance hall
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    The sound reinforcement system of song and dance halls have their special features and requirements, but also have many similarities, summed up in the architectural acoustics has the following requirements.
    (1) interference with heavy wall partition sound pressure level of sound source
    Between the hall and the rooms, to make sound processing between the rooms and rooms. According to the theorem, wall sound insulation effect quality of good, in practice should be used as much as possible heavy wall (24cm above the brick wall) to partition the interference between the hall and the rooms. Because of the low frequency energy is the cabin voice, and the sound pressure level is not high, solid wall rooms between the use of 12cm can achieve sound effects.
    (2) reasonable selection of light sound insulation wall
    Should choose reasonable design and lightweight structural wall, and supervision of the construction process, to ensure that the sound insulation effect.
    (3) partition to the top
    General decoration company in order to facilitate and cost saving measures are adopted to drop after partition, in order to install air-conditioning, ventilation pipes, sprinkler system, the ceiling is convenient. In this way, the outer surface is the room apart, but the top is communication, voice interference, poor effect. Although some of them will be wall to separate the top, but the gap, various pipeline between the cavity without seriously deal with, will still leak sound, crosstalk.
    (4) the rational distribution of sound box, reduce mutual interference
    First consider the layout of a reasonable equipment for each room, at the same time to fully consider the influence caused by the speaker speaker, such as a pack of hanging on the side of the light on the wall, the other side of the wall is next to B rooms customer sitting on the sofa, such rooms, B customers will easily heard a speaker voice package. If B room TV and speaker also hung on the wall, the customer to the opposite side to sit, mutual interference can greatly reduce the customer feel. This convenient wiring and power supply.
    (5) acoustic treatment good doors and windows
    Room door observation window should use double deck glass, surrounding with rubber sealing strip. The sound insulation door installation should be in the hall and Cara OK box channel, to block the effects of loud music hall loudness of rooms.
    (6) the mutual crosstalk and interference reducing air-conditioning pipes and exhaust pipes caused by.
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