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    Core values:

    Is not the concept - to the user is, to their own non

    Concept of development -- the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation

    View of interests -- a double win of man and man

    The whole solution: from policy research, laboratory testing, agent registration, standard improvement and research, consulting and other aspects of the technical solutions;

    Expert access Auditwith more than a dozen experts, involving regulatory, research and development, quality control, to meet the needs of enterprises in many disciplines;

    Objective and neutral attitudeindependent third party research institutions, multi-channel access to information, to provide good information security;

    Depth research servicesfully utilize extensive contacts to assist customers in-depth research, significantly reduce the workload of members, save time and money;

    Service quick responseinternal efficient management, within 48 hours to respond to customers;

    We are currently at a rapid pace to increase our professionals, the number of customers and the ability to serve. We hope to create a good development platform for professionals who are interested in the development of this industry, and in a few years to become China's leading industry quality companies.

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